1945 – Born

Born and raised in Oxnard, CA.

1965 – First Alaska Experience

It was a 1965 summer rock hounding expedition to Alaska when I was twenty, that introduced me to the Last Frontier. I subsequently became a partner in a right-of-way tree clearing business in Anchorage.

1967 – Began drift salmon fishing – Port Graham, Homer, Kenai

In 1967 I started drift salmon fishing in Cook Inlet. I fished out of Port Graham where I stored my boat at first, then moved the operation to Homer and Kenai.

1973 – Met wife Tina

I met my wife Tina while she was a deckhand on her relative’s boat in 1973. In 1974 we bought a 47-foot shrimp vessel in North Carolina and brought it around through the Panama Canal and up to Alaska for halibut fishing and tendering. At that time our plans were to live in Herring Pete’s old place on Nuka Island on the outer Kenai Coast.

1975 – Moved to Seward

We bought a house in Seward in 1975. I should clarify the word “house” as the building had been a World War II army warehouse converted into officer quarters. It was definitely an abandoned fixer-upper, but since we had prepared for remote living, anything with electricity seemed a jewel. I got an education in planning and zoning while successfully pursuing a rezoning to allow a duplex in a single-family neighborhood. Over several years we lived in one end of the house while completely renovating the other end. While in Seward, I served on both the Harbor Commission and the Seward Fish and Game Advisory Committee. Without TV, Tina and I were

1979 – Daughter Tawny born

1981 – Moved to Anchor Point

In 1981 we moved to Anchor Point, off the Old Sterling Highway. We built an Alaskan house, a 40 by 60 ft. shop with a second floor house in one end.

1982 – Son Rand born

Our second child Rand was born in 1982. For the next 10 years we were heavily involved with Chapman School and the Anchor Point community. Tina served as a room mother and president of the Parent-Teacher-Student organization.

1992 – Co-founded Alaska Marine Conservation Council & Moved to Homer (Kachemak City)

1992 – Co-founded Alaska Marine Conservation Council & Moved to Homer (Kachemak City)

In 1992 I joined with a group of other community-minded citizens from across the state, most of them fishermen, to form The Alaska Marine Conservation Council (AMCC). The philosophy behind the organization is that coastal fishermen and communities are a part of our ecosystem, and that sustainable fisheries are necessary for these communities to survive. I served as the first chairman and acting executive director. AMCC has had great success in changing the debate to put sustainable fisheries at the forefront of the regulatory bodies, had a large part in establishing the state Pacific cod fishery, got the nets off the bottom in the Bering Sea Pollock fishery, and defended the coastal small boat fleet against preemption by large offshore corporate vessels. Although I am no longer on the board, having served my term limits, I still support the goals and mission as beneficial to the long-term health of our coastal communities.

1993 – Built our house just east of Homer in Kachemak City

In 1993 we built a house just east of Homer in Kachemak City and moved to the shores of Kachemak Bay. I built a shop beside Northern Enterprises Boatyard to support my fishing and tendering business. Since 1975, my vessel the Georgia Straits has tendered salmon and herring from the west side of Cook Inlet. Tina became active in Girl Scouts as troop leader for our daughter. Even after Tawny


In 1998, our son Rand suddenly developed chronic fatigue syndrome. He was playing on the varsity football team on Saturday and could not get out of bed on Monday. He was disabled to the point of missing the entire next three years of high school. He gradually overcome the illness. He earned a GED and enrolled in college in Michigan, later graduated from University of Nevada and later pursued a Masters of Arts in Teaching from the University of Alaska. He now teaches at the middle school in Homer. This experience has given me a better understanding of families and schools in dealing with the diversity of individual medical situations. Our daughter Tawny graduated with a masters in paleontology from the University of Michigan and is married to Shaun Reynolds from Seldovia. They have our only granddaughter and live in northern California.

2002 – First elected to the House of the Alaska Legislature

2012 – First grandchild Hazel born

The ’empty nest’ has given me the opportunity to work for our communities in Juneau without sacrificing important family commitments.