P.O. Box 1564
Homer, AK 99603-1564
Telephone: (907) 299-3434
Paul Seaton

    for Alaska State House of Representatives
    District 31

Paul's Current Educational Accomplishments:

After election to the House in 2002 I selected the Education Committee where I served as Vice-Chairman. As Education Finance subcommittee chair I pressed for a large increase in education funding which, in addition to increasing classroom dollars, was also enough to cover the retirement needs of the district. In 2010 I became the first Chair of the standing committee on Education and saw through the creation of the Alaska Performance Scholarship. I have continuously served on the various education committees from 2002 through 2016. I am the member from the House who serves on the Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education legislative advisory panel.

Paul's Educational Background
    • 1963: Camarillo High School - Oxnard, CA
    • 1965: Associates of Arts - Ventura Community College, Ventura, CA
    • 1968: Bachelor of Science and teaching certificate - University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK
    • 1969: Master of Arts in Teaching Biological Sciences - University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK
    • 1970: Secondary education teaching certificate - CA
    • 1971: Masters of Science in Marine Zoology - San Diego State University, CA
    • 1969: Junior High physical and biological sciences - Fairbanks, AK
    • 1970 and 1972: High School sciences - CA
    Vocational Skills
    • 1978: graduated in Diesel Mechanics from the Seward Skill Center
    Classroom Volunteer Projects
    • Homer High advanced biology class - halibut bycatch
    • Homer High advanced biology class - Pacific cod population structure

Making sure that our children have a solid educational foundation is a priority for me, as is providing opportunities for all Alaskans through our university system and vocational training. I very much appreciate the educational opportunities of which I have been able to take advantage.

I received my elementary and high school education in the coastal farming community of Oxnard in Southern California, which is just south of Santa Barbara.

For college, I first attended Ventura Community College for two years and earned an Associates of Arts degree in 1965. I then attended the University of California at Santa Barbara for a year, before transferring to the University of Alaska at Fairbanks in 1967. I graduated from UAF with a Bachelor of Science degree and a teaching certificate in 1968.

I had always had a keen interest in biology and enjoyed sharing that with others. In 1969 I completed a Master of Arts in Teaching the Biological Sciences degree at UAF. I also taught junior high school physical and biological sciences in Fairbanks at that time. Later in California I received a secondary education teaching certificate and taught high school sciences in 1970 and 1972.

I received a Masters of Science in Marine Zoology from San Diego State in 1971 and continued into a doctoral program in 1973 at UC Santa Barbara where I focused on crab population ecology.

However, I loved Alaska and fishing, and eventually chose a life outside of research and teaching.

I have had an appreciation for vocational skills since taking welding and forging in my second year of college. I graduated in diesel mechanics from the Seward Skill Center (now AVTEC), and received my scuba diver certification in college. I also earned a US Merchant Marine Officer License for Master of Near Coastal Motor Vessels of not more than 100 gross tons and Mate of Near Coastal Motor Vessels of not more than 200 gross tons.

I continue my education in the marine industry with related courses such as CPR, first aid, Alaska Marine Safety Education Association Drill Instructor, Hazardous Waste Operator, and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). I participated as a member of the research committee during the formation of the Kachemak Bay Research Reserve. I continued my involvement through April 2004, serving on the Research Reserve's Community Council and its education committee.

Today I'm what you might call a "life-long learner," with a continuing fascination with the biological sciences. I worked with the Homer High advanced biology class on a project determining the potential halibut bycatch savings associated with the initiation of the state waters Pacific cod fishery. I also instigated another high school project which used ear bones of commercially caught Pacific cod to investigate the basic population structure of Kachemak Bay winter cod stocks.

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