P.O. Box 1564
Homer, AK 99603-1564
Telephone: (907) 299-3434
Paul Seaton

    for Alaska State House of Representatives
    District 31
I Would Like to Contribute to Paul's Campaign

For donations of $50 or less,
click to donate via PayPal.

For donations of $51-$500,
click to donate via PayPal and send an email to VotePaulSeaton.org with your occupation and employer,
as required by law.

print and mail this form to:

PO Box 1564
Homer, AK 99603-1564

Dear fellow residents,

I appreciate your support. For donations under $50.00 you may make your donation online through PayPal, using the 'Donate' buttons above. You may make a larger donation through PayPal, but please also email your occupation and employer to Paul@VotePaulSeaton.org If you prefer, you may print out the contribution form and mail it together with your contribution to the address above.

Thanks for your support,
            - Rep. Paul Seaton

Alaska law only allows individuals and certain groups to contribute to political candidates. Here is what you need to know:
  • No Corporation, partnership, LLC, trust, etc is allowed to contribute.
  • No one can contribute in another person's name.
  • Checks or accounts by married couples are acceptable and will be listed as a contribution by the person signing the check or identified on the charge reciept.
  • Contributions of $51 and above require that the contributor list his/her occupation and employer.
  • The maximum legal contribution to a single candidate in a calandar year is $500.